Your NDIS Support Provider Business & Participant Base?

JW Training and Coaching would love to be your partner and help you bring your dream into reality.

Comprehensive Understanding

You will understand every facet of how to develop and run your own NDIS Support Worker Business.

Tools and Guides

A full comprehensive suite of checklists, invoicing and scheduling tools, service agreements and guides, to help you manage and run your business - including your own business email platform.

Build Your Participant Base

We will work with you to develop your optimal positioning strategy to play to your strengths and skills.


Welcome To JW Training & Coaching

JW Training & Coaching are here to empower passionate individuals with a strong desire to serve others to have their own NDIS Support Worker business.

Your first client out on your own is a feeling you’ll never forget, and we’ve been there ourselves. There’s no better feeling than being out on your own and running your own support business, and being rewarded for your efforts. JW Training & Coaching partner with you right through to having a busy list of NDIS Support Clients to suit your schedule, niche, skills and experience.

We understand the journey of the NDIS support worker and how to be very successful in this arena. On offer is a package that turns this dream into a reality with a roadmap for achieving and getting connected to the industry. Our Training & Coaching services provide a complete guide with essential knowledge, business templates, and NDIS ready tools. You will be shown how to efficiently manage and operate your own viable self-employed private support outfit. Also, how to sustain yourself using best-practice standards, passing this knowledge and experience into your new business.

JW Training & Coaching can help people who want to start for the first time and already established providers to improve their business health, increase their existing participants base, and scheduling efficiency.


Why Choose Us?

Everything we offer is to prepare you to have an NDIS support business that produces results. You will save time, be NDIS compliant, understand your niche, and be an industry professional, earning the rewards.

Company Owner Josh Wood is a detailed and competent NDIS trainer, mentor, and coach. Josh understands the life of a private support worker well, what it takes to be successful, and build a good reputation.

We love the NDIS and take enormous pride in enabling passionate individuals from various backgrounds to want a rewarding and viable career as self-employed business owners. JW Training & Coaching are with you.

At the end of the package, you will be connected to your local NDIS community, gaining access to our NDIS network and social media platforms on how to source your clients.

This career is an ongoing journey of learning and growth through continually expanding knowledge in disability with like-minded people. Being a private support worker is a gratifying and fulfilling job. It not only changes the lives of those you help, but it will also change you for the better, that you can be sure.


Our Happy Clients

"Josh supports our young adult son several hours per week. He has the rare combination of professionalism as well as kindness, warmth and a good sense of humor. He is always open to feedback, both from my son and from us and is an excellent communicator so we always know where things are up to. He is flexible and teaches practical as well as real world skills. He has developed a strong relationship with my son who genuinely loves spending time with him. I would strongly recommend him as a support worker for other young men."

  • Vanessa from Yeronga, Qld (Mother of NDIS Participant)

"I have been in the sector for 6 years and had a clear idea of what the service I provide would look like. But when I started my business I had no idea. Josh was always there for me, he understands the sector but also has the business smarts to make it happen. I will be looking to Josh to bring my visibility, and business into view of my clients and with all my compliance in place."

  • Claire, North Ipswich (Support Business Owner)

"Josh has been invaluable to the establishment of my business. He delivers a professional service, his knowledge and experience with the NDIS is second to none, and I knew I was in good hands from the beginning provided with all the tools. His practical understanding guiding me through each stage was excellent, also the billable hours and travel optimisation tools with my business templates are awesome. Over the past 3 months my new business has grown exponentially and I couldn't have done it without him!"

  • Matt, Kenmore (Owner of Capacity Support Solutions)

"As soon as I met Josh, I knew he was going to be able to provide me with exactly what I needed in a support worker. His calm and attentive demeanor made me feel comfortable and safe, and most importantly he really listened to me and was clear about how he could help me. He always went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met in any given situation. As my self-confidence grew, with Josh's assistance I was able to achieve many of my goals. He truly did help me to move my life forward in ways that I never believed were possible, and I am so grateful to him for that."

  • Lee from Carina Heights, Qld (NDIS Participant)

"Josh Wood was a support person for several months for my son Jason who has ASD. Josh enabled outings that encompassed Jason’s love of nature. His kindness, caring, and understanding of Jason’s individual requirements were greatly appreciated. This resulted in a noticeable improvement in Jason’s level of happiness and willingness to participate in various other activities."

  • Betty Lee from Tarragindi, Qld (NDIS Participant Family member)

"We have always found Josh to be very professional in his approach with all of his service agreements and invoices of a high standard. Josh has a very empathetic and caring approach to the way he supports his clients. Josh is motivated in his support and always comes prepared for his support shift with his clients. Josh will go above and beyond to ensure his clients are supported and their choice and control is being respected."

  • Shannon from Springfield Lakes, Qld (Team Leader, Support Coordination)

"Josh worked as a Senior Support Worker for my company ComSup Services and was an invaluable asset to my team, both in the office and when working directly with participants.

His ability to build quick rapport with participants combined with an “attention to detail” mindset ensured consistent, professional results. During Josh’s time in my team, he managed to increase new participant signings by over 20% combined with an ongoing participant retention rate of 100% during his time with us. I’ve always put a premium on my team members to provide a safe platform for ComSup participants in regards to personalized community activities and Josh never failed to deliver."

  • Neil from Brisbane, Qld (Owner of Disability Support Company)

"Josh is a great listener who prioritizes his client's needs well. He is diplomatic and able to consider beliefs that are contradictory to his own in order to get the job done. With a constant focus on what is most important in any given situation and extreme curiosity, expect to be proven wrong if you think that he is going to underperform. I was one of his clients who asked for his help in supporting me to get the appropriate medical support for my condition. I was deeply impressed in particular by his ability to handle the complexity that came with managing my health properly and I think this would be an enormous benefit to persons who are wanting to become a significant influence and part of other people's lives."

  • Tom from Graceville, Qld (NDIS Participant)