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JW Training helps you launch your own NDIS Support Worker business. How?

Here’s a quick overview of what we do:

  • Get comprehensive one-on-one training and coaching to learn how to develop and run your own NDIS Support Worker Business.
  • Gain access to a suite of care plan templates, invoicing and scheduling tools, service agreements and guides to help you run your business.
  • Provide you with connections in the industry and show you how to find good clients to suit your services and support style.
  • We'll show you exactly how to set up and successfully run your new (or existing) business.
  • Plus much more!

We Support You So You Can Support Your Own Clients

Whether you’re looking to launch an NDIS Support Worker business as a new provider, or you already run your own NDIS Support Worker business, we’re here to help make it a success.

Our training and coaching program will provide you with all of the tools and skills you will need through an easy to understand, proven system.

You will get:

One-On-One Coaching & Mentoring

Set Up Onboarding For New Participants

A Suite Of Tools To Run Your Business

Set Up A Professional Invoicing System

Get Your Participant Base Up & Running

Get Industry Connections & NDIS Contacts


Our Packages

Our NDIS Business Services offer aspiring support businesses an easy-to-understand and straightforward proven system to succeed as a brand new NDIS provider. We provide you with connections made in our industry and how to find good clients to suit your services and support style. All the tools needed, explained and delivered to professionally provide and invoice your NDIS services. You will have experienced one-on-one NDIS mentoring, training, and coaching and be remunerated to provider level standards with confidence on completion.

What’s Included?

✔︎ Stage 1: Understanding NDIS for Support Providers & Setting Up a New Business
✔︎ Stage 2: Get Industry Connected, Bring On Clients, and Get your Business Making Income
✔︎ Stage 3: Correctly Onboarding New Participants (a-z) and Scheduling for Income Performance
✔︎ Stage 4: Professional Invoicing System for NDIS Support Providers
✔︎ Stage 5: Your Industry Connections & NDIS Contacts

Let’s guide and equip you with our wealth of experience to ensure you are on the right path. We will show you the precise method and approach you can follow and implement to get clients through support coordinators. The primary goal is to build your industry reputation and create a sustainable business that you can be proud of whilst earning a respectable living. Avoid the common pitfalls many providers often unknowingly make and learn how to work to your strengths. Let us partner with you to carve a path of NDIS fulfilment, provide you certainty with any gaps, and see you earn your income rewards sooner.

What’s Included?

✔︎ Stage 1: Get Industry Connected, Bring On Clients, and Get your Business Making Income
✔︎ Stage 2: Correctly Onboarding New Participants (a-z) and Scheduling for Income Performance
✔︎ Stage 3: Your Industry Connections & NDIS Contacts

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About Us

Hi, I’m Josh Wood, the founder of JW Training and Coaching. After running my own successful NDIS private support business, I decided to take all of my experience and knowledge and turn it into a training and coaching course to help others do the same with high success.

As a new NDIS Support Provider, having the proper preparation and tools in place are key to your success. Having that direction and insider knowledge is necessary for registered and unregistered providers if you want to succeed and turn a profit. One of the hardest parts of running your own support worker business is establishing connections in the industry and getting clients on board. We help you overcome that roadblock by providing you with the industry connections and kickstarting or growing your client base.

Don’t go at it alone, let us provide the support, training and mentoring you need. We’re here to help guide you along every step of your journey.

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Hear From Our Clients


Josh Brewer

Happy Client

From my initial contact with Josh, I knew he was the right fit for me. His experience and understanding of the NDIS is comprehensive. The resources he provided combined with his ability to support me to navigate through them was brilliant. Josh always made each session fun and enjoyable, but also relevant and meaningful. His expertise and knowledge to provide answers to all my questions made the journey more engaging. At every step in the process the support and encouragement, Josh provided has given me the confidence to pursue a career I am passionate about.

Sachin Pathak

Happy Client

Josh provided us with all the coaching tools and information and the resources so that I have a good understanding about the industry and how to set up a business step by step. The training is very simple to understand and it walks through all the essentials from finding the clients to invoicing in compliance with NDIS. Josh is very professional and excellent in responding no matter what the queries are.

Charlene-Kaylani Faatoe

Happy Client

Felt very overwhelmed with everything there was to learn in this industry, but Josh made it easy and provided all we needed to start up our new business. He is very professional and very supportive, and has a lot of knowledge, if you're wanting to start up your own NDIS business, he’s the man! You get your money’s worth and beyond.

Molly Milazi

Happy Client

Because NDIS is such a large scheme it is daunting. Tell you what Josh knows how to navigate around it. The services l got from Josh were good value for money. He was very professional, excellent in responding and solving issues. Most of all Josh is a kind-hearted man. Even up to now l call him for help and he is more than willing to help. You will never regret the time and money you spend.

Katelyn Barnett

Happy Client

My experience with Josh was just brilliant. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in everything to do with NDIS but I also felt supported and mentored from start to finish. Being a former support worker himself enabled Josh to give me great insight into what I can expect from the NDIS industry. I really enjoyed each session and found them all to be interesting and informative. Now I have the tools and pathway to embark on this new career path and I couldn't feel more excited and prepared.

Living Life

Happy Client

This training will make navigating the NDIS for the first time like a walk in the park. Josh's one on one training style lets you learn at your own pace and ensures you get the most out of the sessions. The modules and templates will have you ready to start working confidently with the NDIS. So glad we engaged JW Training & Coaching, Onwards & Upwards.

Get support wherever you are.

We operate via Zoom and have helped people all over Australia with their NDIS Support Worker business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our packages are designed to help both new and growing ndis support providers and nursing support providers, focusing on getting the business off their new ground and finding industry connections to locate and secure new participants. We are highly experienced in the ndis with combined business and practical industry experience. JW Training and Coaching understands how to show our clients exactly how to build a participant base and confidently offer quality ndis services to participants and families.

JW Training and Coaching works with registered, unregistered, and pending registration clients to succeed and grow their business and participant base. Registration is a choice for support providers and depends on the types of NDIS services and funding plans they wish to invoice. Our NDIS business packages cater to your registration status and the ndis compliance standards you require. Your registration status should not deter you from offering some types of services which we can help with so you can earn income and get noticed.

Many factors contribute to a successful NDIS business and avoiding common pitfalls when starting your own NDIS business. Industry experience in disability, communities, or nursing is highly advantageous when transiting over to run your own business and provide services as a provider. Having previous in-field experience will give you a far greater chance of benefiting from our packages in achieving a sustainable and industry professional business.

The New Support Providers package is held over 5 stages, and the Growing Providers package is held over 3 stages. Each stage is approx. 2-2.5hrs in duration consists of 1-on-1 recorded training and coaching with easy to understand and structured follow-up that clients complete between each stage. It is recommended 1-2 weeks apart from each stage to optimise learning and outcomes, and it is easy to book your dates and times so you can plan ahead.

Our success is your success, and we love to see our clients do well with their new business and participant base. We assist with and send you reminders for post-package support. Your package includes support and guidance, so you feel supported and confident as a new ndis provider. We will check that things are running smoothly at important milestones and work through any checks and balances with you for accuracy and that you are on track.

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